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Jagriti EdTech – A guiding light to the Right Career Path

Jagriti EdTech – A guiding light to the Right Career Path

Ms Sandhya P Nagar, Founder Jagriti EdTech

Started by Sandhya P Nagar in the year 2015, Jagriti EdTech Pvt Ltd aims to Guide our future generation to choose the Right Career through their Career Mentoring Programmes. Around 88% of the students guided by “Jagriti” broke into careers in line with their strengths and interest. This percentage by itself highlights the success of the unique ‘practical and experiential analysis’ adopted by the team to guide the students towards the  start of their professional journey.

In conversation with the Team of Jagriti EdTech Pvt Ltd.

When was your company founded & Who are the founders?

The company Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2015 by Sandhya.P.Nagar. She is a successful Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur, is a person full of dreams. Her work is an absolute piece of envision and mastery in its own way. Jagrati- Shaping the true you, an organization which is working efficiently in the field of education is her brain child. Her holistic educational approach which encourages the choice of careers among the youths is an idea she always emphasizes and truly believes in. Also as a practicing Chartered accountant she is lucratively running an audit firm, Nagar and Navada.  Being a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and a well versed Sanskrit orator, she has also won a lot of accolades as a debater in various prestigious platforms.

What was the motivation to set up this business?

We have seen lot of people being disappointed after starting or in the mid-level of their career journey, as they are not satisfied, or not happy, or not reaching their expectations. Similarly the founder, Sandhya.P.Nagar was earning an approximation of two lakhs per month in her CA career, soon into the journey she realised that dealing with numbers was not her forte, but dealing and understanding people is where she belonged. Quickly after this, she comprehended that like her there are many that would face the same in future. With the vision to tackle the same, she started Jagrati and Career Mentoring Programs for students.

What Services does your company provide?

Jagrati enables students in choosing the right career for them. We do Career Mentoring Programs for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th. Using globally acclaimed Multiple Intelligence theory, we assess students through practical and experiential analysis and suggest them with the suitable career choices.

We guide them from their school times till they reach their career point.

What problem is it trying to solve in the education ecosystem?

Through our career mentoring program, we aim to educate the students in knowing different and possible career choices that are available for them. Including this in the education ecosystem, will aid in student’s early selection of proper course and subjects for them and help them in saving their precious study years.                

Who are your target audience?

Our target audience are Stake holders of schools, parents and students.

What is the unique features which help solve the problem for your target audience?

Our program Career guidance will help our audience in clearing their confusion, updating them with new careers and careers that are diminishing. As we assess the individual on practical and experiential way, we aim to individually guide and counsel children personally on what they are capable off solving the key problem of parents and schools that is the student’s future. 

Are there any competitors? If yes, how’s your proposition different from the rest and is able to better solve the problem of your target audience?

Yes there are competitors for Jagrati; we stand out from others as the USP of our service is that, we assess students through practical analysis and most of our competitors use psychometric tests. In psychometric tests, students tend to manipulate and proper analysis can’t be expected, whereas through practical analysis we aim to cater that problem and give authentic results.  

What is your philosophy with respect to the company or otherwise?

Our vision and mission of the company is, through our activities and effective mentoring, we aim to help the youth of India in taking conscious career decisions based on their true potential and to address the stereotypical attitude of the Indian society towards education through a holistic educational approach which encourages choice of careers among the youth.

What impact have you been able to achieve since its inception?

From the time we started assessing and counselling students we have seen 88% of the students who have landed at their right career and also students who followed their passion.

Till date we have 72 clients that we work with and to name a few,

  • – Sherwood International School, Bangalore
  • – Timpany School ICSE, CBM Compound, Visakhapatnam
  • – Timpany Senior Secondary School, Visakhapatnam
  • – Timpany Steel City School, Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam
  • – Shikshana High School, Bangalore
  • – Indian High School, Mysore Road, Bangalore
  • – St Charles English High School Badravati / Bangalore

Ms Sandhya P Nagar’s message summarizes the philosophy of the company and the Vision of the team to contribute to the success stories of the youth of our country

“with growing new career opportunities, there is an increasing need to guide our future generation to take an informed decision. We at Jagrati aim to show them the right direction at the right time. “ – Ms Sandhya P Nagar

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+91 93806 39571

+91 98803 66995

L-148, 5th Main Rd, near Rajesh Restaurant, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102