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Guidelines for Improving Admissions in Pre-schools

Pandemic has affected all the sectors indiscriminately. While everyone suffered, Pre-school Owners probably suffered the most due to the demography of students they were catering to. Parents were unwilling to take any risk when it came to their toddlers and unanimously decided that preschool education is something that can be skipped.

Cut to 2022, the effect of isolation of kids in their respective homes has led to lots of behaviour issues in the kids. Parents realised the importance of social engagement and structured learning among the kids. Consequently, preschools were bombarded with enquires.

The two brutal years of the pandemic led to the closure of many preschools. The ones managing to survive are in the golden period whereby the demand for preschools is on the rise but the number of preschools are less than half of the ones existing before the pandemic.

With such positive scenario to look forward for the preschools. I still received a lot of queries through calls and WhatsApp messages, asking for suggestions to drive more admission numbers from my fellow preschool owners. So, I thought of sharing a few inputs from my 18 years of school industry experience.

Here we go!!

Please note there are many parameters for getting a substantial number of admissions. Here are a few of them.

  1. – Visibility of your preschool.
  2. Location, Branding and Positioning of your preschool.
  3. – Counselling and Convincing skills of the Centre Head. This is an important aspect as this will determine your enquires vs admission ratio. If your walk-in enquires are 10 and you are able to convert more than 6/8 then you are doing a wonderful job. So, let’s say if you are aiming. So, let’s say if you are aiming for 100 admissions, work on improving your enquiries vs admission ratio.
  4. – Look of the building.
  5. – Colourful and child friendly ambience.
  6. – Curriculum, Infrastructure and Quality of teachers.
  7. – Hygiene, Safety and Security are need of the hour.
  8. – Convert your preschool into early child care development Centre where you can offer preschool, day care, Co-curricular and after school programs to generate more revenue and also maximum utilisation of preschool premises.
  9. – Know the pulse of your enquiry and address their requirements accordingly. What to talk? and how much to say? is the trick of the trade.
  10. – Preschool is dominated by women entrepreneurs so; one mother would be knowing the expectations of another mother. Get in their shoes and address their issues or requirements accordingly.
  11. – Last but not the least. You should know about your preschool competitors, their quality, gaps, fee structure, admissions and USP.
  12. – Continuously update and upgrade yourself. Launch new initiatives to keep yourself relevant.
  13. – Consistency is the name of the game.

To summarise, preschool owners who are able to inculcate the above points are consistently doing good. I strongly suggest – “Note the missing points and work on it to up your numbers.”


Prasanna Kumar B G, Founder and CEO School Ventures

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