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Passionate women with a crucial mission – Women in the pre-school industry

Passionate women with a crucial mission – Women in the pre-school industry

Globalisation has opened the windows of opportunities in various fields and women are also actively making use of the same. As the dual income couple concept is on the rise, the demand for preschools and child care centres are also increasing day by day. Due to various reasons like migration to the place of work and increase in nuclear families, early child care has become a very crucial challenge faced by young working parents, which was previously taken care by the extended family members.  Women today who have travelled across the world are exposed to various international methodologies of early child education, look for the same while choosing the right preschool at home.

For the past 15 years, on several occasions I have seen a common phenomenon of mothers who were seeking admission for their child in a preschool, ended up starting a preschool of their own.  The great motivation for these women was their inability to find the right preschool or play home for their own kids. So they came forward to create a child centric environment, which satisfy the needs of parents.

It’s been observed that, women from different walks of life are entering into preschool industry. Preschool industry created a golden opportunity for women entrepreneurs, who wanted to kick start their career after taking a break from their professional life due to various reasons.

However as the women entrepreneur gets into the action of building a preschool business, they face many challenges. They may be professionals in their chosen fields but may encounter many problems while setting up and running the preschool. Mostly they learn the required skills through hands on experience. Professional consultants like SCHOOL VENTURES ( may also help them out with end to end solutions relating to setting up and running a preschool successfully.

In my experience the following three attributes plays crucial role for the successes of preschool entrepreneurs:

  • Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Convincing Skills

As most of the women preschool owners are parents themselves they have a fair understanding of parents expectations with respect to their kids development. This plays a very important role in their convincing skills.

I believe that the success attained by these women in the preschool industry can be attributed to the fact that mothers find it easy to hand over their kids in the hands of another mother as “One mother would know the pulse of other mother”.

These passionate women don’t stop themselves to just the business part of the undertaking. They regularly update themselves with respect parent psychology, social psychology, child psychology etc. Many of them are certified counsellors in early child care education and NTT trained teachers also.

Women are nurturers by nature. These women entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge of creating a homely and secure environment for the children of the society. Their passion and dedication has helped young parents find an easily accessible home away from home for their child.

We at School Ventures consultancy also help these young entrepreneurs to succeed in their wonderful journey without burnout.

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+91 93806 39571

+91 98803 66995

L-148, 5th Main Rd, near Rajesh Restaurant, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102