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“Coding for kids” Teach computers how to interact – FutoLearn

“Coding for kids” Teach computers how to interact – FutoLearn

We were taught how to behave, interact, and pass on the instructions from childhood. Now, the computer is the new and most helpful friend of the 21st Century. It has provided us more than we can expect. It is more like a tech friend for us. The website that we are using now to read this particular article, the applications we are using, software, and electronic equipment are all cemented in Coding and programming. So, about that, we should learn how to interact
with them. Coding is a way to interact with computers. It is now in trend and compulsory for kids, and this is the best suitable time for kids to teach Coding as all are stuck in this pandemic. There are various kids coaching classes available on the internet. Many of us believe that the coding world is heavily mysterious, stressful, complete, and busy.
But it is not like that, and the world will observe a whole new era of Coding in a few years. A small amount of stress is required to learn Coding at the initial stages, but proper guidance and books can help you.

So what is Coding?
Coding, sometimes referred to as computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. Code tells the computer what to do, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions. By learning to code, you can tell the computer what to do or operate much faster. You can use this skill to build websites and apps, process data, and do many other cool things. Coding is still prevailing in some schools and locations. It’s still not entirely accepted, maybe
because of its complexity. Kids now should discover the potential and make the decision themselves on why Coding is essential. Many kid’s coding classes and portals like FutoLearn help students get out of the pessimism associated with the world of Coding. A portal like this is reviewed by the experts and technically assessed in the aspects of Coding. After understanding the basics of Coding, we should refer to books for Coding Concepts Visualisation to solve the
problems related to Coding.

Coding for Beginners.
➔ Will that be okay for a school kid to start Coding?
➔ How to learn all those tags?
Well, here we will answer all your questions. But before that, let’s clear one mindset. “Software Engineering is a synonym for Coding”. To clear it out, this is a misconception. Coding refers to one of the many processes of what a software engineer learns. The world is growing; everything is taking the form of AI and Web 3.0. Will that be okay if you lag? No one wants to stop growing. With Coding, you can update yourself with the technology. It is okay if you are a beginner. Some educational portals like FutoLearn provide excellent knowledge and guidance to the kids who are beginners, and the kids coding books offer all sorts of written knowledge for further references. Kids can learn basic tags from online coding books, everything from kids’ scratch coding books.

How coding helps to develop a Career?
As we have seen the basics of Coding, let’s understand why it is essential to learn to code. Coding brings up a significant impact on your professional life and personal life as well. Below are some benefits of learning code.
★ Impact on Financial point – The coders saw a significant impact on their financial aspects of life. The experienced coders charge high rates, and they charge on an hourly basis. If you are working as freelance writers, the rates can be extremely high. The statistical view showed that many coders don’t charge less than $100 per hour. As it’s still prevailing, the coders in the market are significantly less, so people will pay you on your demand. The beginners can learn from the experienced and get an idea of how this all works. They can charge from the experience if they are doing initial level coding.
★ Freelancing – People nowadays consider working for themselves more than for others. As a freelancer, you
can start with the beginner level and charge a minimum amount for initial level coding. There are various kids coding courses available on the internet for the initial level coding from organizations such as FutoLearn. Moreover, AI courses for kids by FutoLearn and the book Coding Concepts Visualized help a beginner learn Coding and diversification of Coding.
★ Own Projects – If you are an Entrepreneur Geek, Coding can be a turning point for you. You can develop your application or website. Working on your projects helps you create your portfolio and great experience background. The situations faced by you as a coder will be your great learner.
★ Coding can lead to better software jobs – Coding is a fundamental skill for jobs like software development. There is a shortage of software developers in the world right now, so learning to code can be an easy path to an open
field of work, and Coding is a good career for kids. However, this is not the only way that encryption can open up job opportunities.
Now that you have understood why to be a coder, let’s learn what different languages are there. Some of the popular Coding Languages are listed below with brief ideas:

  • HTML – HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language. It is the most used coding language. It is used in front-end development, and it is primarily used on the creation of websites.
  • CSS -This is like HTML but a bit different and a bit difficult than HTML to understand. IT is also used as front-end development. This will help you to style the website with fonts, colours, and more. For controlling your web page, CSS codes play in.
  • Python – It is a universal coding language with simple syntax. It uses lots of cases. This is best for beginners to learn. Futolearn is one of the kid’s coding academies that provides the best material for Coding for kids. There will be plenty of jobs for Python developers.
  • Java -This kind is used for back-end web development and primarily for mobile application creation. A wide variety of applications are built on this, and it is still in huge demand. The language can be learned by the beginners as well and can start the career with this.
  • Java script -Let’s not confuse JavaScript with Java. This is one of the most fast-growing languages of all the above. There has been an increasing demand for JavaScript developers in the market. Previously JavaScript was used for front-end development, but now it’s mainly used for back-end development. With this, you can create your website using only one language.

Different types of Coders.
1. Front-end Developers
Front-end developers are associated with building websites. Front-end developers are responsible for the way content appears on the webpage, design, and layout. The most popular front ends are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of the responsibilities of Front-end developers are:
● They are responsible for making the necessary decisions on designs and turning them into a website by performing hundreds of lines of code. It sounds crazy, but it isn’t.
● They are responsible for the question of the website being functional and interactive. Its responsibilities are creating hyperlinked buttons, animations, and many more.
● They are responsible for maximizing page responsiveness and minimizing on-page loading. SEO (Search Engine optimization) plays an essential role in generating responses.
● Front-end developers’ roles are fundamental and generic, which can be learned by remote learning platforms like FutoLearn kids coding online classes.
2. Back-end Developers
They are responsible for preliminary design and features that add interactivity to the web pages. They build the web pages that the website runs on smoothly. Web applications tend to be more complex. They are designed to perform certain things and are built-in into the website’s underlying code. Back-end developers are expected to have sound knowledge of Coding and languages like RUBY, full-stack JavaScript, and PHP. They are tremendous in demand and can charge higher salaries. Some of the back-end developer responsibilities are:
● Back-end developers are instructed to add log-in and out features for the website. Features like connecting with friends and building user profiles: Some of the social sites that play significant roles are Facebook and Twitter. Another essential feature that can be made is to create interactive applications on the website itself.
3. Mobile App Developers
As the name suggests, mobile application developers are responsible for creating mobile development systems like IOS and Android. Massive demand for mobile apps like Facebook, Snapchat have already proven the efficiency of Mobile App developers. Additionally, Android system development is done with Java. But one newer programming language, Kotlin, will take over Java soon. Still, Java will sustain its position. If you want to learn more about being one of the developers mentioned above, don’t think twice and look into FutoLearn classes.

Coding Books for Kids
Following are a few coding book suggestions to guide the kids. The books will create a smooth foundation for Coding and programming.
For learning -Java:
Java: How to Program-Deitel
Head First Java
Java: The complete Reference-Herbert Schildt
For learning Javascript:
How to Program-Deitel
The Complete Reference- Herbert Schildt
Programming Language- Ritchie & Kernighan.
Coding Concepts Visualized: FutoLearn
For Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C.
For Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd by Jon Erickson.
For Coding: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold.

Technology is one of the most advanced fields in today’s era, and Coding is the backbone of this field. Learning how to code will never go in vain. In short, learning to code will put kids in a good mood. While knowledge of multiple coding languages can be beneficial, mastering one is also an excellent way to advance. Whether you are considering a career in the software industry, starting a business and building your website, or seeing programming as a new hobby or a way to broaden your view of the world, software programming is one of the skills you want to learn. We are aiming for a world that is increasingly dominated by technology.

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School Ventures, 190, Ground floor, Odion the woods of east, Chikkanayakanahalli, Off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore-560035