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FAQ on Coding for Kids – #FutoLearn

FAQ on Coding for Kids – #FutoLearn

Q: At what age  can children learn Coding?

Kids as young as 6 can start coding and learn basic programing. At FutoLearn the beginners learning program starts from classes 1-3.

Q: What are the essential elements of Coding?

The essential elements of Coding are:

● Data types

● Variables

● Keywords

● If else conditions

● Loops

● Programming environment

Q: What are the best programming language for kids?

Block based coding platform is recommended for children upto Grade 7 and “Python” for children in grade 8 and above

Q: What is the difference between online coding classes for different age groups?

For futolearn youngest age group, which they call Junior Primary (grades 2-4), focus on Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming language suitable for students who are not yet ready for more advanced programming languages.

For the 5th to 6th grade age group, which they refer to as elementary and middle school students, their primary language of instruction is Processing, a Java-based programming language designed for 2D graphics work and 3d. Middle school classes last 90 minutes, while elementary courses last 60 minutes.

There will be other modules offered throughout the module tailored to each age group. These can include other programming languages, electronics, music technology, 3D modeling/printing, and more.

 Q: Are Coding and programming different?

 Coding is how we tell the computer what to do – how the program will work, how the website will work, etc. Coders use programming languages (a bit more) to communicate these instructions. Nowadays, programming and Coding are mainly used interchangeably.

Q: Should Coding be taught to young kids?

Children have inquisitive minds and the ability to absorb any knowledge. By teaching Coding from an young age, their natural curiosity can be awakened to understand our interaction with technology and ways in which technology is used for progress.

Q: Can Coding cause any disturbance to the children’s learning process?

Students who learn Coding as a skill are to found to be good at logical reasoning, Analytical thinking and Abstract thinking. Coding is infact beneficial in the long run, children learn to think critically and problem solve

A few things to remember as a coder:

❖ Practice it a lot. Practice makes a man perfect.

❖ Pick those languages which meet your requirements.

❖ Never underestimate the learning part of your life. Continuously learn new ways to code.

❖ Don’t rush; you are not a rabbit. Slow down yourself; you will learn everything slowly.

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+91 93806 39571

+91 98803 66995

L-148, 5th Main Rd, near Rajesh Restaurant, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102